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Contract Marketing Service provides consultants in Marketing Management-
providing marketing management professionalism through Marketing Management consultancy, and Interim Management or Executive Leasing.

Contract Marketing Service provides consultants in Marketing Management-
providing marketing management professionalism through Marketing Management consultancy, and Interim Management or Executive Leasing.

Contract Marketing Service provides professionally qualified marketing management on a part-time basis as an “interim Manager” or “Leased Executive”, to augment the existing management structures.

The service is specifically designed for companies in the industrial and service sector which do not have suitable of qualified staff, and where the tasks required or the company size do not justify fulltime employment.Management functions specifically covered by CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE include: marketing research, marketing audits, product analysis, corporate objectives, pricing structures, promotional strategy, the preparation and especially the implementation of business and marketing plans, measuring the efficiency and return on marketing investment.

Since 1981, CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE has specialised in the marketing management of industrial goods and services, particularly in defence, electronic and engineering industries. In addition, considerable experience has been gained in the following fields: electronics, export packing, security systems, agricultural sprayers, inflatable boats, weapon sights, mines and other defence equipment, kitchens, general engineering, composite materials, transport and distribution.This broad and flexible experience is continually being expanded by new contracts.


  • The interim manager or leased executive is self employed, thus the client is free of National Insurance, holiday and sick pay, company car and the provision of other benefits, while the total contract costs may be set against tax.

  • The service is essentially management, not consultancy, i.e. the implementation and carrying through of operational tasks required by the client.

  • The client has access to broader experience, often outside the scope of the internal company executive, should there be one.

  • Professional objectivity on decision, uninfluenced by company politics from a highly motivated marketing professional, for only as long as is necessary.

  • No disturbance to the client’s career management structure.

  • CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE provides a contract of services for a fixed period normally 48 days spread over 12 months, (usually a day a week) of for as long as the client requires. Timing is flexible.

  • Fees are based on the number of days worked, usually at the client’s office, and do not usually involve retainers.

CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE gives companies large and small the opportunity to lease the services of a professional marketing executive at a rate they can afford, for as long as is necessary, for either general marketing management, specific tasks or consultancy, to augment their existing organization.

The leased executive becomes part of the company, but is in fact self-employed. As such, he is only paid for the days worked, the client does not have to pay National Insurance, or pension contributions: and the costs may be set against tax.


Fees vary according to the services required. However, a 48 day contract would secure the services of and experienced marketing executive for a fifth of the cost of a full time professional or equivalent to the annual cost of a secretary: a very considerable saving against a full time employee or outside consultant.


Once the leasing contract has run its course, it is renewed or terminated. Either way, the client is protected from redundancy and severance costs, accrued holiday pay or complications.


Following an enquiry, introductory meetings are made between CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE and the client, from which a written proposal is prepared and submitted for discussion. When agreed, this forms the basis of the contract. All discussions are strictly confidential and prior to contract are without charge to the client.

CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE provides access to specialist skills and experience in a cost effective manner, at an affordable rate for only as long as the task requires.

Additional Services:

CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE provides specialist consultancy on:

  • Marketing Management

  • Evaluating the efficiency of the marketing function.

  • Measuring performance of the marketing function

  • Evaluating the return on the marketing investment.

CONTRACT MARKETING SERVICE is able to advise on and introduce interim managers and executives to companies with requirements in management disciplines other than marketing.

For further information please contact:

Nicholas C. Watkis AE DipM CMC MCIM MIMC

Upton Lane
Gloucester GL4 5UY

CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) | IMC- Institute of Management Consultants | SWIG SoutWest Member

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the world's largest marketing professional organisation, with more than 60,000 members. We work closely with the marketing profession, government, industry and commerce to develop greater awareness and understanding of what marketing can contribute to UK and International business.

As marketing faces up to the challenges and contradictions of the new millennium, the CIM provides leadership, knowledge and expertise for everyone involved in the marketing process.

Recognised and respected by employers- employers throughout the industry now recognise the value of recruiting a qualified Chartered Marketer. Companies are becoming increasingly more demanding with the advent of competition law and product regulation. Business, particularly in Europe, is subject to an increasingly regulatory framework. In addition, winning customer preference in highly competitive markets is becoming increasingly difficult, due to the variety and choice that customers have today. Whilst experience is valuable, it needs to be underpinned by robust and relevant knowledge which can be achieved through membership of CIM. Consequently more and more employers are seeking CIM members for their senior marketing roles.

The Institute of Management Consultancy (IMC) promotes excellence in consulting to management by supporting, qualifying, and regulating individual management consultants. Membership of the Institute affords many benefits – not least the opportunity of peer support and the ability to display an independent endorsement of your skills.

Founded in 1962, the Institute is a member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), which comprises 39 member bodies. We have both individual members and 28 Certified Practices. We award the CMC® which is the only career qualification for practising consultants. It is portable and recognised in all the countries that belong to the ICMCI. The CMC is the best independent assessment of your consulting competence and the Institute is the only awarding body for this qualification.

In May 2004, the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Management Consultancy announced their decision to join forces. Together the two organisations work to promote and develop excellence in management.

The South West Consultant's Group (SWIG)- the Independent (from the major consultancy firms) South West Consultant's Group was originally formed out of the Association of MBAs to provide networking opportunities.

Since then existing members of the Institute of Management Consultants have been added as well as many more freelance Consultants, with an even wider range of skills and experience. In fact, those interested in networking with other businesses have joined - all interested in business are welcome.

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